Annie’s Kit Club Review

Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club

I had the chance to test out 2 of the Kits from Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club and wanted to take this opportunity to review Annie’s Kit Club.

Create a welcoming home, infused with a cozy mix of traditional and modern accents. Farmhouse Style Kit Club combines your love of crafting and the laid-back style you love. Each piece (handmade by you) instantly adds a personal touch that is casual and classic.

Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club. – $19.99/ month. Use Code SHARE50 for 50% discount on your first kit.

Tote Bag Kit Review

The bag provided is very sturdy and rustic. I think this will be my project bag for all WIP Crochet Projects.

Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club Review:
Material Quality :

The quality of the Bag is very good. It is sturdy and has a jute feel to it. The handles are very sturdy as well.

The bangle, Key Ring and the Leather for the tassels are all excellent quality and are more than enough to complete the project.


The project kit includes step by step photo tutorials which is really easy to understand.

My opinion :

This kit was fairly simple to make with easy to understand instructions. I think this would be a perfect weekend project and a great way to include more farmhouse style decor and accessories to your home.

Thankful Board Kit Review

I worked on this with my 6 year old daughter and although she was a little impatient, it turned out great.

We were really excited to work on this kit together this weekend.

Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club Review:
Material Quality :

I was impressed with the quality of the wood and the thoughtfulness of the designer to add extras just in case it is required.


The instructions were fairly easy to understand, with step by step photos and instructions.

My opinion :

This kit had quite a bit of wait time between every coat of paint, which made us a little impatient. So you should probably plan this project with a lot of breaks in between or else you might be tempted to continue working on it even though the paint is wet.

However, the end product was absolutely worth it. This one is going on our photo wall and will look great for our thanksgiving photos and decor.

I think this kit will be gone by the end of this month, so get it quickly.

Hope you enjoy making this too!

Happy Making,


Annie’s Kit Clubs:

A charming new project in every box! No stores, no lines, no fuss – a collection of expertly designed farmhouse-style materials arrives about every 4 weeks throughout the year.

Follow the included step-by-step instructions for an easy project from start to finish. Feeling inspired? Add your own embellishments for details that are undeniably you!

Transform your home with the perfect balance of warmth and character. Each piece captures the simplicity and relaxing appeal of farmhouse living. Annie’s kits make fantastic gifts too!

Inspiration Is Just A Click Away!

Fall in love with the stylish and affordable farmhouse craft kits. A new kit is sent about every four weeks for just $19.99 per kit. You’ll receive all the special materials you need to complete each project.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your kit, you may cancel your membership at any time.

No strings, no obligations, no worries! 

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