About Valzies Boutique
Hi! My name is Valerie.

I am the heart and soul of Valzies Boutique.

Crocheting is my passion. Having been inspired by my aunt Netra and my mom Edna, this blog is created to carry on their legacy of love for the crafts.

I have lived in India, United States and Canada and have often found that handicrafts always bring people together and create an amazing atmosphere to build connections and establish relationships with others.
“Every stitch an act of love to God” – Santa Maria Domenica Mazzarello.

I enjoy making women’s accessories, knit wear and home decor. Each of my products is uniquely handcrafted by me. While some pieces include elements of fun and excitement in pops of color, several others are characterized by grace and elegance. I am sure you will enjoy adding a mix of these items to your wardrobe for every mood and occasion.

Also, I would never pass an opportunity to make new connections through my craft that could help each other grow and allow our journeys to integrate.

My products are available in my shop. Feel free to email me your specific requirements and challenge me to push my limits.

Hope you enjoy being part of my journey.

Hello There!

Perhaps you read something here that resonates with you, and you’d like to find out if I can custom make something for you?

Are you interested in co-creating a workshop, event, or a brand partnership?

Or maybe life is a bit hard right now, and you would like to connect.

You can reach me anytime via the form below, or by emailing valziesboutique@gmail.com

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